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Do Prenatal Vitamins Really Help Hair Growth?

In Education, Natural Hair, Products, Socialite Says on April 21, 2011 at 10:31 am

For as long as I can remember, I have always heard that taking prenatal vitamins can aid in stimulating hair growth. Now when you are actually pregnant, your body actually produces more estrogen than normal which locks the hair into the growth phase, encouraging additional growth. But what about taking prenatal vitamins when you are not pregnant, and just want more of a growth spurt for your marvelous mane?   Believe it or not, there is no reliable research available that supports this claim.

If you are someone who actually has some sort of vitamin deficiency, then there is some evidence that vitamins can help, but if you already have a somewhat healthy diet & lifestyle, prenatals won’t miraculously work wonders for you. In situations where you do lack some sort of vitamin deficiency, then a daily multi-vitamin will just about do the same thing.

The difference between prenatal vitamins and multi-vitamins is that prenatals usually have more iron (which is why you may get an upset tummy) & folic acid.  People usually target prenatals as the growth culprit because the vitamin B in folic acid accelerates growth of fresh cells, which replace the old cells and calcium helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. This increased dosage may however have adverse affects on people with some health conditions, including those of the liver and kidney.

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant prenatal vitamins should definitely be high on you list, because protecting the health of your baby is what’s most important.

Please consult with your doctor before taking prenatal vitamins when you are not pregnant.  If you have insurance, it’s usually cheaper for your OBGYN to write a prescription for prenatal vitamins anyway because you can end up just paying your copay.

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