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“Dark Girls” Documentary Preview | Exploring complexion biases & attitudes

In Art & Beauty, Education, Self Help Series, YouTube Videos on May 26, 2011 at 1:14 pm

Check out the preview of this very interesting documentary which explores the complexion biases within the black community. Skin tone bias is a form of group privilege of some sort, in which people from the same race use factors such as skin tone, physical features, class, and communication to create social caste systems and  hierarchies within their own cultures.  The idea that there is some sort of “privilege” that still exists these days deeply disturbs me. The problem with this idea of group privilege is that is serves as a source of anguish and controversy because it grants unearned privilege to those with these particular characteristics, perpetuating discrimination and power disparities in all aspects of our lives. I think that one of the most disturbing examples in this preview is the young child who clearly identifies “light-skinned” people with being beautiful and “dark-skinned” individuals with being ugly.

Can any of you identify with some of the feelings that these women share?  What about the guys?  Do you find black women of a particular complexion more attractive?  Parents…. What are doing to prepare your children in terms of self-acceptance?  Do you think white people are as concerned about our complexions as we are?  Take a look at this video & please share your thoughts.


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