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Natural Hair Help | My Big Chop Story & Growth Journey

In My Hair Story on July 25, 2011 at 11:55 am

When I first cut off my relaxed ends, I was so excited to see what my new ‘do would look like.  At that time, none of my friends or family had taken the plunge to do a BC (except for my mother who had what I considered at the time to be “guud hurr”) so I honestly had no idea what to expect. 

Headed to the salon for my BIG CHOP! Excited!!!

I went to a professional hair stylist to get my BC, and literally jumped out of the chair once she finished chopping it all off to get it wet in the shampoo bowl.  I just knew that after I “put a lil water on it” that I would have a head full of curls! Boy was I wrong!!  I had a wet afro. NO curls, No coils, ALL kink. I looked like my all-time favorite tv mom Florida Evans, and I was not happy about it.

After I ran to the shampoo bowl! LOL at the look of complete terror on my face!

Needless to say… I was mortified.  Where in the heck is my “curly hair”?!?  I sooo did not sign up for this! After leaving the salon, I’m starting to think that the last 10 months of transition & this “big chop” think was a complete waste of time.  Here I am with this “bush” of hair that I have NO idea what to do with, and I am leaving town for Chicago next week to see my husband’s family.  I couldn’t get home soon enough.

Once I got home, I immediately hit YouTube, looking for ideas on what to do with my hair.  I decided to try finger coiling… “Let’s take a stab at this”, I say to myself  *long sigh*……….  I’m not thrilled with the results, but this will have to do.  I seriously considered micro braids, but I did not have enough time &  the hubs was not excited about spending $200 bucks again after I JUST look out the micros I had to do the big chop.  I can do this (self talk)…

Oh Well…. What’s a girl to do??  I finally learned decided to accept myself for who I was. This was my hair the way it was intended to be.  Sure… It’s a little shorter than my liking, but so what? It’s hair.  It will grow.  I decided that my focus for the next year would be the health & length retention of my hair. The more I learned about what products worked best for my hair, the more I loved what I was working with.  My hair’s growth & health over the past year has blown me away!  I sometimes wonder what took me so long to see the light! lol. A few more pics of my journey… Enjoy!


2 months post Big Chop (Aug 2010)

First Straightening 7 months Natural; 17 months post relaxer (Jan 2011)Deep conditioning at 11 months natural (May 2011)


Stretching hair 12 months natural (June 2011)

Please share your transition & Big Chop stories with me!  How has your hair evolved over time??

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