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Eeeek! When Expensive Products Don’t Work on Your Natural Hair | The Natural Socialite

In Hair on July 28, 2011 at 12:33 pm

That awkward moment when you realize you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on everyone’s favorite natural hair product & none of it works……

Yeah. Let’s face it. Many of us have been there. If you are new to the game or currently transitioning, if you are not careful it can happen to you too. You’ve read every natural hair blog out there, you’ve watched tons of YouTube tutorials, you’ve gotten tons of advice from your friends on Facebook, and you bought it all. Now you’ve got tons of build up, no cabinet space left, an empty bank account & not a defined curl or awesome twist-out in sight. Don’t throw it all away…Don’t start donating your home based beauty supply to the next up & coming product junkie at work just yet. All may not be lost.

Take it from me. You name it, I bought it. Much to my husband’s dismay, I’ve spent hundreds of hundreds of hundreds (of hundreds) of dollars on natural hair products in the past two years; and 95 percent of them never earned the prestigious title of “my staple product”. Even if the product line didn’t do a shabby job on my natural tresses, once I educated myself on ingredients & started focusing on simplifying my routine I learned that I could get the same results from less complicated & less expensive (and less complex) products on the market.

I think the turning point for me while deciding on my go-to products was learning about sealing in the moisture & discovering that “less is more”. You don’t have to use all of your favorite vlogger’s products all at once. If you simplify your methods & learn what products work best for what it is you are trying to accomplish, then you will see that 3-4 products (that you already have at home) may be all you need. The main things that most naturals try to accomplish are moisturizing, detangling, conditioning & definition of curls. It doesn’t take products to do these important jobs.

Another thing…. Just because you bought a product & it didn’t work the first time or 2 you tried it, that doesn’t mean it won’t work at a later time. Some times you may need to just change the amount of product you use or the way you actually apply the product. Sometimes you may need to use products such as gels on top of an oil in order to prevent your hair from getting crunchy or showing build-up. It may just be all in your approach.

Do you still have the itch to try something new? Ask companies for samples or buy the smaller sizes. Some companies offer samples that they will send you free of charge, or just for a buck or two. Many natural hair meetups that are sponsored by hair care companies will give away tons of samples just for attendees. Many naturals hair blogs & groups will also host product swaps where you can trade your gently loved products with other naturals who may have a different product to give away that you always wanted to try.

Don’t give up & say to yourself “Well, going natural ain’t for everybody” and just give up. Your natural self is all you were ever intended to be. It IS for you. You just have to learn what works for what you are trying to accomplish & you can only do that with trial and error. Best wishes to you all….

  1. YES! I have tons of tons products. I’m thinking about taking a picture of my products and save it in my phone to look at when I buy something new. If I do i’ll post on your page. Another thing no one talks about is when you have so much stuff that you’re confused about what to use on wash day. That’s the worst for me because I can’t lie I actually like everything I have, some more than others but it all works well for me so not all (money) is lost. I think i have 3-4 of each type of product at this point and it’s overwhelming! Great post!

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