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Love Your Natural Hair with Eight Tips from Curly Nikki | The Natural Socialite

In Hair on November 9, 2011 at 10:00 am

A big part of loving your natural hair is knowing how to care for it, so CurlyNikki has complied a list of eight tips that your curls will thank you for.
1.    Dry style your hair, especially in the winter. Dry styling aids in preventing curls from coiling around each other and creating more tangles that result in breakage. Try dry styling bantu knots, twist outs or braid outs.
2.    It’s best to apply oil to your hair when it’s wet. This will help your hair hold in the moisture that’s already on the hair shaft.
3.    Don’t use petroleum-based products too often. When you do use them, apply them only to the hair, not to your scalp. Petroleum-based products have ingredients that clog your pores and attract dust.
4.    Get your aromatherapy on by massaging your scalp regularly with natural oils. Oils such as lavender, rosemary, jojoba, and grapeseed are natural solutions to help thicken your hair as you circulate your blood flow and encourage hair growth.
5.    Try mixing up a quick hair mask by applying an egg onto your hair, massaging it in and leaving it on for no longer than five minutes. Do this egg mask treatment weekly to add protein to your hair and strengthen your strands.
6.    Looking for a style with less frizz? Try a braid out! Braid outs are often less frizzy than twist outs because the hair gets “smoother” in the prepping process and the braid pulls the hair tighter and straighter than a twist would.
7.    Use water; water is by far the best moisturizer known to man. In between a styling session, simply dampen the hair then seal in the moisture with a light oil like jojoba or grape seed oil. A popular method of doing this is with the use of a spray bottle.
8.    Grease provides awesome slip when dry twisting and you’ll notice that you’ll encounter fewer tangles and snagging. It really creates a protective barrier around each strand. Be sure, though, to wash it all out with normal shampoo, not just by cowashing, or else it will build up.

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