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Holiday Office Party Fashion Faux Pas

In Fashion on November 11, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Faux Paus #1: Christmas Sweaters

We get it. You’re in the Holiday spirit & you want everyone to know it. You can spread your Holiday cheer without looking like a walking Christmas card. Spare us, please.

Faux Pas #2 : Too Tight & Too Short

Unless your office is the local strip joint & your company encourages customers to participate in a 2 drink minimum, then please don’t over display the ass-ets. Sure, its after hours & you aren’t technically “on the clock”, you should try to keep it classy at least for the night.

Faux Pas #3: Sheer Clothing

If sheer clothing isnt appropriate for your office dress code, then it’s unfortunately not appropriate for the holiday party either. Save the see-through for a night out with friends…. or the bedroom.

Fashion Faux Pas #4: Lucite Heels

No. Just don’t do it. Please. Enough said.

Fashion Faux Pas #5: Serious Boobage

Cover the “girls” up a bit and resist showing off all of the goods. A nip slip while chatting it up with your boss & their spouse may not be a good look for your career aspirations. Choose a more conservative neckline & woo the room with your charming smile.

What are your fashion dont’s for this holiday season?? Have any of your co-workers come to the office party with a major no-no?

  1. OMG! I LOVE this post. I must share it. It had me totally cracking up. You hit the nail on the head with all of them. I think I”ve seen the Christmas sweater making a comeback though. lol

    • Thanks for sharing! LOL!! I think the Christmas sweaters are coming back (sort of) too, but Im afraid people are going to do them ALL WRONG!!! Ha! There is a fine line between vintage & tacky! ❤

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